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The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

This was a pretty quick and enjoyable read with a very interesting concept. I love that what we perceive as normal now (Facebook) would be totally weird back in the 90's. And what would you do if you logged onto an ancient computer (although its not ancient to Emma and Josh in the book) and saw this website that was full of your future? Crazy, right?

The Good: I thought for the development of the characters, Asher and Macker did a great job of nailing teenagers in the 90's. They are characteristically on track for what is *real* life teenagers. They are perfectly angsty, whiny, lustful, all full of expectations and dreams. I thought the character building was great. Like I said earlier, I also loved the plot and themes of this crazy technology showing us our future. Josh and Emma understandably want to both change and not change things about the future and that's just human nature! The writing was easy and quick to read and I enjoyed that the pov's changed between Josh and Emma. You could tell that it was two different authors writing two very different characters.

The Bad: While the writing was good (but not great), I did feel like it was a bit on the younger side. That kind of took away from the story a little bit. I was also disappointed in the relationships and apparent "love" between Josh and Emma. Even the secondary characters Tyson and Kellan (LOVE the name btw) were lacking....romance or chemistry. It all felt very blah for me when it came to the love/dating aspect. I also think things worked out a little too easily for Josh and Emma's conflict. Asher and Mackler started out with this really fantastical idea, but it was followed through all the way. There were so many more aspects to explore.

Overall though, this book was entertaining and enjoyable. Recommended for the younger set and maybe those who are nostalgic for the 90's and pop culture references. I give it a B!