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The Break-Up Psychic (Dangerously Dimpled, #1) - Emily Hemmer Posted on my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

When I met Emily Hemmer at the RT Convention this year, I immediately gravitated towards her. She's this beautiful blonde woman with a vivacious laugh. And she's freaking hilarious. Like laugh out loud funny. She's smart, confident and such a humble woman. But enough about her. So she has this book, yeah? And she's told me she was self-publishing it and I saw her cover and I immediately knew she was the RIGHT type of self-published author. The kind that takes her time with the story, finds a great editor, great cover artist and takes pride in her work. So when she offered to let me read it before she published it...I jumped at the chance. I always get kind of nervous when writer friends ask me to read their novels because, well, what if I hate it? But I'm telling you... I did not hate this novel. Not even a little bit. Not at all. I loved it.

First of all, I realize after reading this book how much I miss funny romance novels. I spend a lot of my time reading dystopians or darker type novels and sometimes it's nice to be able to just laugh while you're falling in love. This was like one of those books where you digest a phrase and then you start busting up. Think Jen Lancaster but less snark and meanness. What I really loved was the characters. Ellie is the type of girl you can see yourself being friends with. She's got this way about herself that is just so relatable. I can see a little bit of Ellie in every girl. And Sam James. Oooh my word. Sam James. He's the quintessential sexy fictional character. I can totally see why Ellie thinks he's magical. But it's not just the main characters that are developed so well, the minor characters are also hilarious. I especially fell in love with Luanne and Amber. HILARIOUS. Not only are the characters great, but the premise is so much fun. Ellie thinks she is psychic because every time she's near a man who will break her heart she hears warning bells. (Don't you wish this were a real thing?! I could have used that when I was dating). I loved that Emily didn't go over the top with the ability...she included it just enough to be a fresh and unique take on a romance novel. Okay, so you see that drink on the cover? There's a reason for it. Whiskey and Tea. It's in the novel and it makes you want to be sitting on a front porch drinking it. Really there was so much more to this novel than I can accurately describe here, so you should just read it yourself!

The Break-Up Psychic is a wonderfully written story about a girl who is tired of heartbreak, tired of being let down and just trying to figure out how the hell to silence those damn bells. If you're looking for a romantic comedy that will have you on rolling on your ass with laughter...you NEED to pick this one up!