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When Jade Eby Isn't Writing...

I write. A lot. But when I'm not writing...you can find me with my nose in a book. Or a Kindle.

Just One - Emily Hemmer After reading The Break-Up Psychic, I knew I was a die-hard Hemmerian (Not sure that's a word...but I'm going with it). When I had an opportunity to read an advanced copy of Just One (prequel to Plus None...coming soon!) I jumped at it. Not only did I fall in love with another one of Hemmer's characters, I fell in love with the entire tone/theme. Charlie is my favorite kind of female lead--sharp as a tack, quick-witted and full of flaws. Plus, she has a sexy side that I love.

And Alex freaking Ramirez. HOLY SHIT. I'm not kidding when I tell you I had to put the book down I was swooning so hard. Those damn dimples get me every time (kind of like Charlie).

If you've read The Break-Up Psychic, be prepared for an even sexier, funnier romp. And If you haven't read The Break-Up Psychic yet...what the hell are you waiting for? Buy yourself a copy, devour it and move onto this freebie so you'll be caught up for Plus None.

Hemmer's done it again.... and I'm a proud Hemmerian :)