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Those Across the River - Christopher Buehlman Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

There is nothing like enjoying a book so much you don't want to put it down. Even to eat... or sleep...or

whatever else you do that you DON'T want to be doing because you want to read. That is how I felt while reading Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman.

The Good: Oh my gosh! What a fantastic read! I love love love books set in the south, especially when they are set during an older time period which is exactly when this book is set. I think Buehlman did an amazing job of capturing the culture, language and attitudes by southern folks in the 1950's. I also love that he brought history into the novel dealing with plantation owners and slavery. Buehlman did such a great job with his main characters. I absoultely fell in love with the two main characters Frank and Eudora. They are witty, smart and totally in love with each other. Eudora is sharp with her tongue and unlike most southern women. She has affairs, smokes, drinks and hates people who discriminate based on color of skin or religion. She likes to call Frank on his shit and yet adores him with everything she has. Frank is awesome as well. He is educated, funny and head over heels in love with Eudora. All the way through the entire novel, even when the bad stuff starts happening. One of my favorite quotes from the entire book is on page 223, "Marry me Eudora. Give me the deed to that lovely little property below your navel, and let us live in sin no more." It's delightfully naughty and funny at the same time! It reminds me of when singers used to sing about sex/drug/rock n roll by using innuendos instead of just laying it all out there like this generation does. I thought Buehlman's treatment of the "things across the river" was interesting. I think its both good and bad that I still don't exactly know what "they" are. But the way Buelhman lets Frank tell us horrible they are makes me laugh, "I don't know how to communicate just how terrifying these things are up close. It's hypnotic. You want to piss and shit yourself. You want your mom." Oooh creepy! And lastly just let me say that I love the way revenge plays such a huge part in this novel.

The Bad: Not much bad to say about this novel. There were a few sections I thought could have been cut out because they didn't really add anything to the story and again, I wish I would have had a clearer idea of what the "things" were instead of kinda half guessing.

Overall I really enjoyed this novel! I thought it was great writing, amazing characterization and creepy! I give this book an A!