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The Corruptible - Mark Mynheir Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

Ex-homicide detective turned Private Investigator, Ray Quinn is on the mission to find out who stole his client's important information but when Quinn and his side kick Crevis (yes, like the crack in rocks) are thrown for a loop with a mysterious murder, the importance of finding out who did it is imperative. When Quinn and Crevis come up against some shady characters like a drug-dealing-biker-gang...will they be able to solve the crime?

The Good: Ray Quinn is actually kind of funny. I found myself laughing out loud to some of his cheesy, but clever one-liners. Also, the law enforcement side of the novel is very accurate (the author used to work in law enforcement so that helps, and I used to work in law enforcement so I also know what feels authentic and what doesn't). The novel itself wasn't bad, the plot was there, some interesting characters were there and surprisingly it held my attention from beginning to end. The biggest thing though was that it hit me only after I downloaded the ebook format of this novel that it was considered a "Christian" Fiction. Usually I am not a fan of Christian fiction but I have to admit that there was very minimal mention of God or religion. There were a few drops here and there but nothing like I expected from a Christian novel.

That being said however...

The Bad: The novel was pretty much squeaky clean. Even the murder scene was clean-no blood. I certainly appreciate Christian authors going for a different sort of novel, but if Mynheir wanted to go for a more authentic feeling novel, a little dirtiness should have been added. No cuss words, a clean but subtle hint at romance and even the "bad" guys weren't all that bad. The novel would be going along and then when something big would happen, it would happen with such cleanliness that I was jolted out of my reading experience and reminded that it was written by a Christian author and intended for a Christian audience. My other biggest complaint was the editing. Again, I'd be going along just fine and then there would be several sentences that just struck me as unedited and totally first draft-ish. I thought the editing job could have been done a little better.

So overall, I thought this novel was good but could have used lots of improvement. It was much better than I expected.

****I received a complimentary copy of The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir as a member of the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers Book Review Team. Visit www.WaterBrookMultnomah.com/BloggingForBooks to learn more about the Book Review Team and other novels available through Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers.