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Remembrance - Michelle Madow Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

First of all, how GORGEOUS is that cover?! Even if I wouldn't have known that Taylor Swift was the inspiration for this novel, I would have totally guessed that was her on the cover. The cover is just stunning. It totally sets the tone for the entire novel. From the first chapter, I love how if your an uber big Taylor Swift nerd, you will see bits and pieces of her songs weaved in throughout the novel. I'm not sure if Michelle did this knowingly or subconsciously...but only the super fans will notice and I thought it added a great element to the novel. Lizzie, the main character is a lovely young lady and I think my favorite thing about her is that she stands her ground against her boyfriend and then ex-boyfriend Jeremy and she even puts Drew in his place when he gets a little abrasive. This love story is one that will resonate with many teenagers and romantic-at-hearts. The idea that love is everlasting...literally...it transcends time is a very lovely theory and I recommend this novel to anybody who loves Taylor Swift, love stories and being fearless in the face of love :)