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True Colors - Kristin Hannah Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

True Colors was a book about two things- Sisters and Love. I'll start with the things I loved about this book. Firstly- The older and smarter sister Winona SOOOO reminded me of myself. She is intelligent, quirky and a little bit bitchy, but such a good person. However she is a bit overweight, struggles with relationships and usually does the wrong things because she had the right intentions. At certain times in the novel, I felt like the author knew me, and was writing about my life. The bond the character has with her sister is very similar to the ones I have with my two sisters. I also liked that there was just more than that "sister story" or the basic "love story." The author utilized the two components and seamlessly weaved them into each other so that the reader understands its a more complex story. It's also refreshing to see the "troubled" teen as someone I could know. I could understand completely the reasons why the character acts out in frustration or upset. Anyone, including mothers, will be able to relate to the reasons why mother and son act the way they do. What I didn't like about the book- It was a tad bit too long. There were many scenes that were useless to the progression of the novel and could have easily been cut out. The whole story line about the relationship between father and daughters would have been SO great had she actually explored it a little more. Every once in a while we'd get a reminder that it was bubbling under the surface, but she never expanded the topic and never concluded with an answer either. Overall the novel was good and despite it's length-a fast read. I give True Colors a solid B and recommend it for anyone who wants a quick beach read!