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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Originally Posted on Chasing Empty Pavements

I finished Delirium and I have to say... It was SOOO worth all the hype!

The Good: Oh my goodness. Where to start? I guess I’ll start with the whole concept behind the novel. Amor Deliria Nervosa. The Love Disease. Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? I thought so at first, until I was about 5 pages in and then I really started thinking about how Love really could be considered a “disease” in a sense. Not only did Oliver make Amor Deliria Nervosa seem like a real disease through her protrayl of it, she also used little tricks that made it seem that much more real like quoting portions from The Book of Shhh, almost a bible to the citizens in Delirium. She immerses the characers, setting and world into this idea that Love is a disease so completely that if I didn’t know any better, I myself would have thought Love was a disease. The other big thing that Oliver did right was the way she placed the government in this novel. It’s not like a in-your-face type of thing, but her way of putting things so simply, it’s so clear that in the novel, the government is trying to take over. They require complete obedience and submissiveness from the citizens or the price they pay is extremely high. The fear they incite in people is enough to keep most of them from resisting, but those that do are the ones that are so important. I love that Oliver approached things this way because government takeover’s is something I’m interested in and I think she handles it in a realistic way in this novel. Some of my favorite things about the novel are the characters. Lena, Hana, Alex and Gracie are such amazing characters with great depth. They are so different from each other but there is one thing that ties them all together… they believe in the power of Love. I think Oliver did an exceptional job with the relationships between them all, especially with Lena and Alex. Never did I feel like I was witnessing a “puppy love” type of relationship. It was developed naturally and the type of relationship that’s realistic and palpable. That’s why the book is so emotional at some points, because Oliver made the characters so real, I feel attached. I feel like I know them. At one point, Lena finds out a secret that means she’s been lied to for her entire life and it makes me so sad for her but I know it’s one of the things that drives her to resist government control. I want her to kick-ass and take names as much as she does! Lastly, the ending. Oh the ending. I know Oliver was setting it up for the sequel but dammit!!!!! Why did she have to make me cry?!

The Bad: Nothing bad to say about this book!!

This book is just as good as the hype surrounding it says it is. I loved it so much and can’t wait for Pandemonium! I give it an A+!!