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Shifting - Bethany Wiggins Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

I was SO excited when I found out I was going to be a part of the Shifting Book Blog Tour that the gracious Elana Johnson set up. I’d been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shifting and when it finally came in my mailbox last Thursday, I dove right into it!!

The Good: Believe it or not…this is actually my first encounter with Skinwalkers…I’ve seen Shifters in a couple of other books I’ve read, but not Skinwalkers. I was impressed with Bethany’s treatment of them. They came across as creepy and evil. I think the first thing I really loved about this book was the setting. I love the New Mexico setting and there were some points I felt like I was actually there, it was described so well. I LOVE the Navajo culture weaved in. I love history, I love different cultures and I thought it was great to bring in a culture that really thrives on legends and storytelling. Maggie Mae, Bridger and Mrs. Carpenter were definitely my favorite characters and I loved that Maggie Mae and Bridger’s relationship developed over time and it wasn’t the “insta-love” type of relationship. (Those really irritate and turn me off.) Also, I really appreciated that Bethany gave Maggie Mae a great role model in Mrs. Carpenter. I loved that Mrs. Carpenter was not a good role model because she was pious, pure, prim and proper but because she truly loved Maggie with intensity and because she believed in Maggie Mae. She was a good role model because she was a good person.

The Bad: While I enjoyed this novel, I thought there were quite a few things that needed work. I really wish we could have gotten more background on Maggie Mae. There were only bits and pieces of information from her past and only a slight indication at the end as to why she was who she was. Same thing with Bridger… I wish we were given some more information on his parents and his Navajo background. I especially wish that I would have gotten some more background on the Skinwalkers. Since this was my first encounter with them, I wanted more explanation or theory. I thought a lot of things could have been better fleshed out as well. The characters, the reason and theory behind the skinwalkers versus the shifters, the plot and the relationships.

Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable read. I did receive the ARC version of this book, so maybe some of my concerns were addressed in the final version. Also... I really don't like this cover! The cover for the ARC is SO much better and makes more sense...I have no clue why they kept this as the cover..it doesn't really even make sense. That being said, I thought this book deserved a B+!!