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Scary School - Derek The Ghost, Scott M. Fischer Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

The Good: What a great book for Middle Graders!! If I had a kid in Middle School, this would surely be a book I would buy for them. It’s fun, creative and written at the perfect level for those kids who span several different levels of reading. I thought the illustrations were super cute and added so much to the book. I love that the author maintained the whole “Derek the Ghost” mentality throughout the book and I thought the creativeness of the crazy teachers and students was awesome! I thought the tongue-in-cheek humor is great in the way that some of the kid’s movies today are “made” for kids but there is some humor that the adults pick up on. It’s funny for the kids but kind of funnier for the adults because we pick up on the things the kids don’t.

The Bad: This is not particulary bad about the book, author or writing but mostly about the genre itself. While I enjoyed this novel, I found it hard to enjoy it in the way that I really enjoy YA or other types of fictions. I think it’s a superficial kind of enjoyment in the same way that I could sit down and watch Blue’s Clues with a child and enjoy it on the surface but I’m not TRULY getting any personal fulfillment or enjoyment from it. I think that’s the problem with someone my age reading a lower middle grade type of book. But that is really not the fault of the author or book.

Overall, I think for the younger crowd, this book is awesome and should be the hit of any middle grade classroom. B+

*I was provided a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.