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Call Me Princess: A Novel (Pegasus Crime) - Sara Blaedel Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

The Good: This book starts off intense and holds on to that intensity all the way through. There were some scenes that had me on the seat of my pants. I really liked the mixture of work versus home life with Louise. Each chapter rolled seamlessly from the crimes at hand and Louise's personal life. I actually really liked the relationship between Louise, her partner and her best friend's son. She's like a surrogate aunt for him. Overall, this is a good police procedural. It's actually set in Denmark but really it could be set anywhere. The book really brought out the vividness of violent sexual crimes by online trollers.

The Bad: I really did not relate to the main character Louise. She is supposed to be the "hero" of the novel and I just didn't feel like she was a character I cared enough about. Her personality towards the rape victims was not one of understanding or gentleness in my opinion. It almost seemed as if she were more annoyed at the victims than anything. Also, the negative presence of online dating really annoyed me. I met my fiance that way so it obviously worked out amazingly for me. I know that it always doesn't, but this book was almost preaching against online dating. There was a part of the book that deals with Louise's personal life that really dissapointed me. I felt like the story did not benefit from this particular event except for making the readers feel bad for Louise and even then I did not.

Overall this book was a pretty quick and interesting read, but not as amazing as I was hoping for Sarah Blaedel's debut American novel. She is quite a hit in Denmark, but I don't think she will be as popular in the U.S. if she doesn't improve on her characters and writing a little bit. I would give this book a solid C.

**I received this book free from the publisher through www.netgalley.com. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.