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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

I've seen this book EVERYWHERE on the blogosphere for the past year and a half and I've been waiting patiently to read it. The book gods must have known because first the book got discounted for the kindle at 2.99 (umm...you bet your sweet ass I always justify buying books when they're that price!) and then I got the audiobook for free. I concluded that it was my fate to read this book ASAP. If the story wasn't so good, I wouldn't have continued based on the narrator's voice. It was awful.

Halloween is my most favorite time of the year, favorite holiday, favorite everything. So of course I was up for a good old ghost story to prepare for Halloween. First off, I thought the premise was fantastic. A teenage, ghost slayer? Hell ya! I really liked Cas's voice in this story...it was so unique. He's angsty, witty and intelligent. He's got some insanely funny lines in the novel too. He feels so real and I just feel like Blake did so well with his characterization. The secondary characters were great, especially Carmel and Thomas. I liked that there were so many elements presented in this novel--part ghost story, part supernatural, part voodoo/black magic. I really like Anna though for some reason I found their attraction to each other kind of creepy yet sweet. Blake's writing is just superb, she knows how to craft quite the story. I quite admire her for that. I could see the novel playing out like a movie in my head. I LOVED Anna... Loved. She was my favorite kind of villain....murderous, creepy yet vulnerable. And her story is so sad :( I'm really excited to see what the next book has it store and I'm especially excited to read more of Blake's exceptional writing.

So..this is more of a complaint for the *audiobook* and not the actual book but the audiobook voices were HORRIBLE. Utterly horrible. The voice changes were annoying, not realistic and really took away from the story. Okay now onto one of the only things I could complain about in the novel-- I am a horror fanatic... and I really wanted this book to scare the shit out of me. The only part that was remotely scary was when Anna ripped Mike to shreds. That was it. Blake could have gone ALL out in the scare factor and she should have...but alas. I also thought there could have been more explanation for the athame and the reason Cas was so special that only HE could slay ghosts and what not.

Overall, I really really liked Anna Dressed in Blood. I thought it was unique and the exact thing I was looking for to get me in the Halloween spirit. I highly recommend this one!