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Starters - Lissa Price Originally posted at Chasing Empty Pavements

I was beyond excited to read this novel because not only is the cover amazing but the blurb promised was a completely unique premise. While it was unique and interesting, I have to say the book fell WAY WAY short of expectations. I was extremely disappointed in this novel, especially since it had such amazing potential.

Like I said, I LOVED the premise and I liked that Callie is so attached to her little brother. Although, I think Mr. Tinnebaum and Callie's brother, Tyler are the only two characters that stand merit on their own. To me, they're the only semi-developed characters from beginning to end. I liked some of the futuristic elements introduced (the whole chip and computer thing that connects the mind and body and allows for the renter switch). But really, that's the only thing I enjoyed about this novel.

First off, the writing was not up to par of that of a published novel. It was all telling, and hardly any showing. There were character and plot holes bigger than swiss cheese throughout the entire novel and the dialogue was poorly executed. I wanted to quit reading after about 20 pages but I wanted to see if it improved or left me something to make up for the inadequacies I found. Unfortunately, it didn't. Sometimes it was like whiplash the way the scenes went back and forth without much intention or explanation. There were so many times things were introduced and not explained and the world-building was paper thin. There was much confusion about the "spore war," how the "enders" (aka old people) are reaching ages of 150+ and yet they have to rent younger bodies. Why? The romance is contrived, unrealistic and just weird... and the triangle is too cliche. The whole sinister reveal is kind of silly and Callie is one of the worst YA protagonists I've seen. Ultimately, there were way too many things that fail about this book for me to enjoy it.

Overall, this novel was a huge disappointment and I can't solidly recommend this YA Dystopian when there are so many other great alternatives out there. I think Price had a great idea and it's evident that she has the capabilities to turn her ideas into fantastic novels.

**I received this book free from the publisher through www.netgalley.com. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.