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Divergent  - Veronica Roth Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

Oh, Divergent. How you've taunted me with your lovely cover and your writer's magnificent publishing story. You've made me lust after you for far too long until I could no longer wait. I just HAD to read you. And I did. And you did not disappoint Divergent. Not one bit.

Where do I start? With Tris? Four? The magnificent world building? I'm not sure where to start because almost everything in this book should be filed under the "good" status. Firstly though, I love this dystopian world Roth has built. The whole "faction" set up is a fresh take on the dystopian genre but what I love that this book is more psychological than anything else. These books all come down to the same thing: survival, but in this novel it's different. It's a psychological game that threatens to either destroy or enlighten. I've never thought of breaking people up into groups that are defined by our personality and that some of us who have diverse personalities can be thought as dangerous. I loved the slow, tender build up of the romance between Tris and Four and I loved the impending sense that everything was building up to a major life-changing-crash. The thing about Tris that I loved is that feels more like a run-of-the-mill turned bad-ass character. She's not immune to some failure and she's not perfect. But she has heart. And courage. And bravery. She's Dauntless. This was an incredible novel, very fast-paced and riveting.

The only thing I thought was lacking in this book is some more insight into how the world became what it is. I wanted to know what disaster, what colossal thing would create such a world like this. I don't want the excuse that it's coming in the second or third book either...I think there was a way to include some of that without giving it all away in this book too.

Overall, this book was magnificent and I highly recommend it for all kinds of readers especially for dystopian lovers.