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Insurgent - Veronica Roth Originally posted at my blog Chasing Empty Pavements

I'm going to preface this review by saying that I LOVED Divergent. Loved it. I ate that shit up in one sitting. So it goes without saying that I was beyond excited to have Insurgent on hand and to begin reading it. I figured it was going to take me half a day to gobble up. Boy, was I wrong. I was SO disappointed with this book. I wanted to shake Veronica Roth and ask her what the hell she was thinking when she wrote this book. WHERE WAS YOUR HEAD AT?! Sigh. I suppose I'll get on with the review then so you can see why I'm so angry.

Honestly, my favorite part of this book was getting to know some of the other characters a little better. Peter, Christina, Four's mom, Marcus (though I don't like him, I enjoyed finding out more about him), Caleb, Johanna, Tori, etc. It seems that these secondary characters came to life during this book more so than any other major playing character. While Tris and Four were being angsty lovers, I was falling in love with the side characters. Sucks to be you Tris and Four. I think the distinction between the factions is shown a little more clearly in Insurgent. You get to see the factions in real time...learning about their personalities as they are shown in the novel. It gives me a better grasp on the entire world of factions overall. I thought the thing Roth got super right was the cruelty and evil nature of Jeanine. She's such a nasty bitch and I think Roth got THAT part right at last. That's about it though.

The thing I LOVED about Divergent was the action, the fear of what was going to happen next, the slow build up but not as important romance between Tris and Four. In Insurgent EVERYTHING IS GONE. Why, oh, why did you take it from me, Roth? Okay. There is some action, but it's not nearly as much as Divergent and honestly, it's the confusing kind of action where you get whiplash and you're not sure what the hell is going on. The romance between Tris and Four came more to the forefront but it made things. Every other page they hate each other, loved each other, wanted to be with each other, wanted to run away from each other. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND ALREADY! And if you're going to try and amp up the romance part...actually have them do something you know? Maybe like... actually doing it. I'm not saying you HAVE to have sex in every novel and actually in a Dystopian, I'm thankful for the novels that focus on the topic at hand instead of romance but if you are going to put romance at the forefront of your novel and not your Dystopian elements than you better represent the entire scope of romance. **Side note...for a great balance of Dystopian elements/sex read Mike Mullin's ASHFALL/ASHEN WINTER. He does it right.** The issues I let slide in Divergent like some of the world building, explanations of why the world came to be and descriptions of the world as a whole were STILL absent in this book and that pissed me off. Especially with everything going on in this novel. I know that the ending gives us a teaser, but by the end of the book, I was already so mad at everything that took place that I could barely care.

Overall, I not at all impressed with Roth's second book in this series. I'm praying and begging that the third one is better. I hope she gives us some answers we desperately need and she makes Tris and Four better suited for Dystopian novel instead of a streotypical romance novel. C'mon Roth, you can do better...I know you can!