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I write. A lot. But when I'm not writing...you can find me with my nose in a book. Or a Kindle.

This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel - Jonathan Tropper I picked this book up on the recommendation of many people and I can see why so many people liked it. It was fast paced, had a smart ass narrator and had lot of sex. Usually lots of sex in a novel isn't a problem for me, but for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way in this novel. I think because there were so many other issues that were going on and should have been discussed more the constant talk about sex made it seem awkward. The novel is about Judd who is getting a divorce and mourning the death of his father at the same time. There were some poignant times, a lot of funny times, but overall... the book was kind of forgettable. I give it a C.